panic handler enh in tracking list (was RE: [cgl_discussion] Revised "Top 10" projects list)

Fleischer, Julie N julie.n.fleischer at
Wed Jul 2 08:31:30 PDT 2003

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> From: Cress, Andrew R 
> Julie wrote:
> >>This also 
> >> affects column F on line 35.  "full" -> "most/part".  
> >
> >I changed this too.  Is that for panic handler enhancements 
> or IPMI?  Maybe I should add a separate line >for IPMI....  
> Does panicsel implement the full requirement?
> Julie,
> Yes, panicsel implements the full requirement, line 35 points 
> to the Linux kernel 2.5 (implying OpenIPMI).

Thanks.  I see I was still looking at line 33.  Oops.  I've cleared this
up now and tried to also include your plans on moving panicsel
functionality into IPMI.  Should be consistent with the current state of
things now. :)

- Julie

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