[cgl_discussion] [RFC] Final public draft of CGL v2.0 specification available for review

Mika Kukkonen mika at osdl.org
Thu Jul 3 11:43:43 PDT 2003

This is a Request For Comments on the final public draft of the OSDL
Carrier Grade Linux v2.0 Requirements Definition specification.

The PDF document is available directly from OSDL web site (*):
There is also a (definitely not so good looking) text version available
from SourceForge:
To please everybody there is also a zipped HTML-file at SourceForge,
which serves as a kind of compromise between PDF and text:

The OSDL CGL work group has spent six months preparing this, and I think
I speak for all of us when I say that I am now going to take some
vacation time to try to forget all the pain :-) 

But there is going to be CGL-WG people reading our mailing list
(cgl_discussion at osdl.org), so please send all feedback and
comments/corrections to that mailing list.

The most important area we want comments on are the priorities of the
requirements, because priority 1 items are the ones that we are actually
expecting the distributions to pick up in next 12 months, so if there is
something at priority 1 that you think is not ready enough, please let
us know. Our plan is to review and integrate the feedback we get at our
Ottawa meeting three weeks from now, and then finally call this one 

There is a longish preface in the document with all the normal marketing
hype, so I am now going to sign off, pack my stuff and take the next
plane to Finland. Have fun!


(* ) Sorry about the long URL, it is a feature of our document
     management system.
Mika Kukkonen
Roadmap Coordinator
mika at osdl.org

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