[cgl_discussion] linux-ha as a PoC for CCM.1 Cluster Communication Service

Patrick Mochel mochel at osdl.org
Tue Jul 8 14:51:35 PDT 2003

On Tue, 8 Jul 2003, Shureih, Tariq wrote:

> I was kidding with the patch-set comment Pat, but it's good to know
> where you stand on this issue.

Bah, and to think I almost said yes. ;)


[ BTW, about the 'new kid' comment, which was obviously a joke because of
the ending ':)', I compared you to the new kid at school, not on the
block. There's a strong difference between being the last one picked at
sports and being part of a failed boy band. I may be a bastard at times,
but I really try not to be mean. ]

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