[cgl_discussion] Revised "Top 10" projects list

Ibrahim Haddad (QB/LMC) ibrahim.haddad at ericsson.com
Tue Jul 8 15:56:33 PDT 2003

>Asynchronous Events -> AEM is the only one designed to meet full requirement, but it 
>is invasive.  Others need work to implement requirement.

Much work has been put into AEM since it was first introduced to CGL. 
For latest release check http://aem.sf.net. Since then CGL did not 
re-visit AEM and I am not sure in its current state how "invasive" it is. 
Anyways.. I also suggest having a look at 
http://aem.sourceforge.net/reports/aem-faq-draf0.3.pdf where we diffrenciate 
between AEM, epoll, and select.

Best regards,

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