[cgl_discussion] Revised "Top 10" projects list

Fleischer, Julie N julie.n.fleischer at intel.com
Tue Jul 8 16:50:22 PDT 2003

> >Asynchronous Events -> AEM is the only one designed to meet 
> full requirement, but it 
> >is invasive.  Others need work to implement requirement.
> Much work has been put into AEM since it was first introduced to CGL. 
> For latest release check http://aem.sf.net. Since then CGL did not 
> re-visit AEM and I am not sure in its current state how 
> "invasive" it is. 
> Anyways.. I also suggest having a look at 
> http://aem.sourceforge.net/reports/aem-faq-draf0.3.pdf where 
> we diffrenciate 
> between AEM, epoll, and select.

I've added this information to the POC project tracking list.  Seems like what matters the most is the distro's comfort with implementing a given project.  Right now, we don't have distro input on AEM, except the comment by someone on the CGL mailing list that it was invasive.  Maybe CGL's work is in really determining why distros will not adopt it (not sure if it was a distro that mentioned invasiveness) and then working on either fixing that issue or proving to a distro's satisfaction that it's not an issue.

- Julie

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