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Fan, Ardelle ardelle.fan at intel.com
Tue Jul 8 18:46:46 PDT 2003

Hi Ibrahim

AEM currently has kernel patch for 2.5.60 kernel. And really it has much improvement since its 2.4 kernel support, for example it shrinks the number of system call entries.
But it still do something that maybe hard be accepted by LKML or distro (we need more input from them), such as own memory management instead of kernel existent buddy, independant job scheduler in 2.5 O(1) scheduler.


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>Asynchronous Events -> AEM is the only one designed to meet full requirement, but it 
>is invasive.  Others need work to implement requirement.

Much work has been put into AEM since it was first introduced to CGL. 
For latest release check http://aem.sf.net. Since then CGL did not 
re-visit AEM and I am not sure in its current state how "invasive" it is. 
Anyways.. I also suggest having a look at 
http://aem.sourceforge.net/reports/aem-faq-draf0.3.pdf where we diffrenciate 
between AEM, epoll, and select.

Best regards,

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