[cgl_discussion] kernel threads scheduling priority customization / configuration

Eric.Chacron at alcatel.fr Eric.Chacron at alcatel.fr
Wed Jul 9 05:41:22 PDT 2003


 I don't remember when this point was discussed and if it is part of 2.0
 requirements ?
 The point is a mean to modify default sched. policies and priorities of
 kernel daemons and kernel threads
 in order to make them consistent with application RT and other thread

 For instance some process like kjournald inherits the priority of the task
 which performs the mount().
 For / and other file systems the same priority than init is used ( time
 sharing / 15) whereas some application can run
 in RT FIFO with highest priority.

 I think that it can be foreseen to make the internal kernel priorities


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