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For those that don't receive this newsletter, there is an interesting 
topic about a SA Forum working group relating to carrier grade OSs.


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*Letter from the President: *

The Service Availability™ Forum is continuing to seek expanded 
specification implementation as it nears the end of

the second half of the year. The workgroups are making great strides in 
ensuring the adoption of the technology and

the Forum is working to get this message to the industry. The SA Forum, 
represented by eight member companies,

showcased five Carrier-Grade, High Availability Platform and Hardware 
Platform Interface Specification Implementation

demonstrations in the DemoPavilion at SUPERCOMM 2003 this past month. 
This is an exciting step in the Forum’s

outreach to the industry. Actively pursuing speaking engagements and 
industry event participation opportunities like

SUPERCOMM is key to the Forum’s continued support of its workgroups. I 
encourage all member companies to

participate in the Marketing Workgroup to ensure the SA Forum has a 
presence in the events important to its


I look forward to seeing you at the next Members Meeting, September 
9-10, 2003 in New York.

Timo Jokiaho, /President/

*In This Issue*

Hardware Platform Interface Update Upcoming Events

OS Requirements Sub-Workgroup Formed New Member Announcement

* Hardware Platform Interface Update*

The Hardware Platform Interface workgroup has been experiencing an 
exciting time with the momentum that the

HPI specification is gaining. The workgroup had a successful meeting in 
Helsinki where a new members

session was held with 12 attendees that covered the background and 
technical details of the HPI specification.

In addition, the group developed a substantial HPI presentation that can 
be used by any member company to

communicate all aspects of the HPI, from its value proposition to 
architectural details. The presentation is going

through some final edits and should be available in early July.

The group also had a productive session on the development of an RFI for 
the second release of the HPI

specification planned for April 2004. The momentum and teamwork 
continued with a Workgroup Face-to-Face

meeting in Chandler, AZ where substantial progress was made on 
completing the errata posting scheduled for

July 31^st . Meanwhile, at SUPERCOMM 2003 in Atlanta, implementations of 
the HPI were demonstrated on

several different platforms. All of this activity has created quite a 
buzz within the workgroup as we look forward

to HPI becoming the ubiquitous platform interface in the industry.

For more information contact, admin at saforum.org <mailto:admin at saforum.org>.

* OS Requirements Sub-Workgroup Formed*

As a result of discussions at the recent Helsinki Members Meeting, an OS 
Requirements Sub-Workgroup, lead

by Bob Monkman of Eternal Systems, has been formed.

The OS Requirements SWG’s mission is straightforward. For SA Forum 
implementations, a "Carrier-Grade" OS

is required and interoperability goals necessitate convergence on OS 
capabilities and methods. This SWG will

develop a process to collect, review and publish "Carrier Grade 
Operating Systems" requirements that are OS-

agnostic. The published documents are then used to establish necessary 
OS capabilities, avoid duplicate

standards, and foster interoperability and portability.

The next step is for the OS Requirements SWG to present its goals and 
procedures to the Board in early July.

The OS Requirements group will be engaging the membership in assisting 
with building a published proposal

with which to engage the OS ecosystem in the coming weeks.

To join the OS Requirements SWG, visit the SA Forum Web site at


For more information contact, admin at saforum.org <mailto:admin at saforum.org>.

*Upcoming Events
*Visit the SA Forum Members as they participate in the following events:

*November 3-7, 2003 *Next Generation Networks (NGN) 2003 

*November 10-11, 2003** *Wireless Summit 

For more information visit, http://www.saforum.org/events.

*New Member Announcement*

The Service Availability™ Forum announced the addition of American 
MegaTrends, Inc. (AMI) to the list of

participating industry leading communications and computing companies. 
AMI, a leading provider of storage

and computing innovation worldwide, has joined the SA Forum as a 
contributing member.

Visit www.saforum.org/press <http://www.saforum.org/press> to read the 
press announcement of AMI’s membership. For more information on

AMI, visit www.saforum.org/about/companies 

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*If you would like more information on becoming a member of the Service 
Availability™ Forum, *

*please visit the Forum Web site at http://www.saforum.org/join.*

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If you have any questions regarding the content of this newsletter or 
wish to be removed from this mailing list, please

reply to the Service Availability™ Forum Administration at 
admin at saforum.org <mailto:admin at saforum.org>.

*Service Availability™ Forum*

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Phone: (503) 291-2576 Fax: (503) 297-1090

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