[cgl_discussion] RE: [cgl_specs] Proposal to change SCL.1.0 in CGL_Req spec

Zhuang, Louis louis.zhuang at intel.com
Wed Jul 9 09:13:25 PDT 2003

Dear Ibrahim,
	If I understand the paper rightly, the real requirement is
"scalability in enormous events", and the asynchronous mechanism or
multi-threading are all "common ideas" to resolve the issue, right?
According to the paper, weakness of epoll is its focus on descriptor. So
my questions are,

1. If "asynchronous mechanism" is just a solution for real requirement,
is it absolutely necessary to put the implementation choice in spec?
2. epoll can only process descriptors... but as you know, descriptor can
represent almost everything in Unices (sockets, files, pipes and devices
etc.). Is it a real weakness?

Perhaps I lose some key points which demonstrate AEM's strength such as
'soft realtime'. But I think we need an agreement on definition in 'soft
RT' here. Any comments?
  - Louis 

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> Hi Louis,
> I think the attached article will provide you with the answer.
> It provides the background on why we need something like aem,
> and to meet which requirements.
> Thanks,
> Ibrahim
> ps: the zip file contains 1 html file + 2 png figures.

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