[cgl_discussion] RE: SCL1.0 discussion continued

Peter Badovinatz tabmowzo at us.ibm.com
Fri Jul 11 14:09:04 PDT 2003

"Fleischer, Julie N" wrote:
> Thanks, Louis and Ardelle.  I've written below what I've put in the POC
> sheet.  In addition, I'll make a note to bring the potential rewrites of
> requirement SCL1.0 so that both AEM and epoll can satisfy the
> reuqirement at the CGL specs meeting Monday (It may end up getting more
> formally discussed at the F2F the following Monday instead.).

I've no specs phone call scheduled for Monday (and I think it's too late
to schedule one), so, we will cover this to some degree on the Tuesday,
15 July Tech Board call.  I have the feeling though, that we will not
fully resolve it until the F2F.

> - Julie
> 1.  System scalability for large number of event channels
> - YES - AEM does this with forked event handlers
> - YES - epoll plus a user library to support event handling does this
> 2.  Soft real-time responsiveness for essentially simultaneous events
> - YES - AEM plus RT patch does
> - YES - epoll does; TBD if AEM resolves better than epoll or not
> (Andre/Ibrahim would know better)
> 3.  Events on multiple types of channels
> - NEEDS WORK - AEM only supports timer and socket; work needed for SCTP
> - MAYBE OKAY - supports multiple channels, only read event (others
> dependent on implementation), but accept/read/write/exception on socket,
> so OK
> 4.  Provide Linux kernel with the capability to handle such kind of
> events
> - AEM does in kernel
> - epoll does partly in kernel, user-space library can do the rest (event
> handler activation in #1)**
> **Should change requirement to replace "Linux kernel" with "system" and
> both fulfill.
> **These views are not necessarily those of my employer.**
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