[cgl_discussion] PoC 7/16/03 Meeting Minutes

Steven Dake sdake at persist.az.mvista.com
Wed Jul 16 09:03:31 PDT 2003

Mark @ OSDL
Steve @ MontaVista
Rusty @ Intel
Julie @ Intel
Tariq @ Intel

Julie suggested started with top 10 of POC tracking matrix.
If Suse/Redhat provide input we start with PoC tracking matrix,
otherwise we start with the top 10

Suggestion from Pat Mochel to integrate with projects discussed.
Decision made to wait to provide input to tracked projects
until PoC tracking matrix is mostly completed and top 10
analysis is complete. (ie: after f2f)

>From output of top10 and PoC tracking, provide input to any
downgrades for PoC tracked projects because project too high
risk to meet priority 1.

Specs group looks at projects as static.  PoC looks at projects
as dynamic, so there may be analysis done by PoC tracking
that can provide input into specs process.

top 10 and weekly topic moved to OSDL f2f.

Test suite added to LTP cvs.
Tuesday f2f of OpenHPI team.
hardware vendors must develop software plugins for openHPI
if they dont use IPMI in their system.

stability work, but developers on vacation so no major work underway.

Two Intel developers working on project now.  Parenting patch nearly
complete.  Executive, backing store database, service agent library
nearing completion.  Left to do are the initial device scanner,
/sbin/hotplug service agent, and lots of policies.

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