[cgl_discussion] PoC 7/16/03 Meeting Minutes

Patrick Mochel mochel at osdl.org
Wed Jul 16 09:16:17 PDT 2003

[ Steven: you're reply-to header will prevent people from replying to the 
list by default. Not sure if this was intentional... ] 

> Suggestion from Pat Mochel to integrate with projects discussed.
> Decision made to wait to provide input to tracked projects
> until PoC tracking matrix is mostly completed and top 10
> analysis is complete. (ie: after f2f)

Hm, it seems as though I may have been misunderstood in the last two 
weeks. My suggestion was not to 'integrate' with the projects discussed, 
rather to interact with them at least in at a minimal level to determine 
whether or not they are heading in the same direction as you require a 
similar feature to be. 

It doesn't have to be formal, nor do you have to commit to helping them. 
IT could simply be a mail to their list saying:

"Hi. We want to use <foo> to do <Requirement>, but it doesn't appear to 
support that. Do you have any plans to do so? If so, what will it take?" 

>From that, you obtain their goals and they require to obtain those goals. 
This method is much more efficient, since it provides this data up front, 
instead of having someone go back to collect it later on, and it prevents 
potentially inaccurate speculation about the project(s). 

Take it as you will; I'm not trying to mandate policy. I'm merely trying 
to save everyone time :) 


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