[cgl_discussion] vm strict overcommit question

Zheng, Jeff jeff.zheng at intel.com
Tue Jul 22 02:15:22 PDT 2003

>From CGL2.0 requirement, AVF6.1, vm strict overcommit, it defines two methods for control of virtual memory:
+ Heuristic overcommit
+ swapless strict overcommit

The POC reference web site has patchs for both linux-2.4.18 and linux-2.5.26. The patchs define following features:
+ Heuristic overcommit handling. 
+ No overcommit handling.
+ Swapless strict overcommit
+ Strict overcommit
+ Paranoid overcommit

But from linux-2.5.28 to newest 2.5 kernel, only three features survives:
+ Heuristic overcommit handling. 
+ No overcommit handling.
+ Strict overcommit. It is configurable. By applying parameter to Strict overcommit, it can implement same functionality as Swapless strict overcommit and Paranoid overcommit. 

My question is: Does AVF6.1, vm strict overcommit, means  "Configurable strict overcommit" + "Heuristic overcommit"?

Jeff                        Jeff.Zheng at intel.com
BTW, I speak for myself, not for Intel Corp.

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