[cgl_discussion] SCTP PoC for Linux 2.4. kernel

Brian F. G. Bidulock bidulock at openss7.org
Thu Jul 24 12:39:22 PDT 2003


Hey!  Rich kid!

Check out http://www.openss7.org/linux-sctp-0.2.16.tgz for Linux 2.4.18
kernel patch for Linux native sockets SCTP.

This patch is supported by the OpenSS7 Project.

Forget ethernet bonding: Lockheed Martin ATL sweat tested it and
obtained 10ms average and 20ms high switchover times betwen interfaces
on multi-homed hosts with a 100 HZ tick clock (expect 1ms average and
2ms high switchover times with 1000 HZ tick clock).

Performance statistics at various packet sizes show like performance to
NET4 TCP on same kernel with SCTP actually performing better than TCP at
higher packet sizes.  See


You will see that once packet size passes TCP's MSS of 1500 or so,
OpenSS7 SCTP's fragmentation algorithms surpass TCP and yeild better
performance right through to 16384 bytest packets on these single-packet

Performance under packet loss makes TCP look like it's disconnected.

The latest ACE communications framework and TAO Orb release provide for
RTCorba with SCIOP (yup, corba over SCTP) using the OpenSS7 SCTP.

So, ask your other "rich kid" friends to match that.  (I hear they still
get segfaults and oops.)

Next time you come to our sandbox, try saying hi.

Some other things you'll find in our sandbox is Linux STREAMS, SS7,
STREAMS SCTP, SIGTRAN UAs, ISDN, ...  You know: carrier stuff.  Unlike
CGL which is starting to look like just another micro-distro (i.e.
broken kernel minus all the useful stuff).

Is that FUD?  Did ya' wanna test something?  What does the D in OSDL
stand for again?  What does the C in CGL stand for again?

Wakeup up before D and C stand for something else.


P.S. A few bitches:

Software Live Upgrade.  The PoC are so far away from carrier grade I can
only laugh.  Read an RBOC RFP some day.  Start with any sentence
containing the word Rollback.

Linux HA.  Strange, since the IBM HA the project was supposed to be
reverse engineering was considered suitable for back office or low
reliability service platforms, but NOT carrier grade.

On Thu, 24 Jul 2003, Mika Kukkonen wrote:


> > You guys are (still) the new kids at school. No one is going to come
> > running over to be your friends; you have to talk to the other kids and 
> > make yourselves likeable. :) 
> Yeah, we know this, but one thing that at least puzzles me time to time
> is that why this "school" is so bloody hostile towards new "kids",
> especially those with "rich parents" (i.e. with corporative background).
> For example in Ottawa I was introduced to one developer who immediately
> said "oh, that awful CGL", and when I proceeded to ask what was so awful
> about CGL, all I could get out was bunch of misconceptions and FUD. 
> <sigh> Never mind, I am just having my usual post vacation blues.
> --MiKu

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