[cgl_discussion] POC 6/5 Meeting Minutes

Steven Dake sdake at mvista.com
Thu Jun 5 10:02:53 PDT 2003

General ARs
AR: Rusty to report results of TAHI integration sent to mailing to list.
AR: Randy to detail 2.7 kernel details implementation for IPv6 get support.
AR Julie to do gap analysis on Security for priority 1 requirements.
AR Rusty to add Gap analysis field to priority 1 requirements document.
AR Steve to send email to list asking for review of priority 1 requirements.
AR Steve to contact Suse & Redhat Suse to get involvement into priority 
1 poc registration process.
AR Steve to provide position on projects.
AR Rusty to output poc list in PDF and add to document repository at OSDL.
AR Steve to provide application preloading libc enhancements into community.

2.7 wishlist ARs
AR Steve to provide text for multipath IO.
AR Mika to provide text for Application restart text.
AR Steve to provide forced unmount text.
AR Mika to provide kexec text.
AR Mika to bring up application preloading kernel changes to specs subgroup.
AR Steve to provide text for Memory overcommit.
AR Mika to bring up page flushing to specs subgroup.
AR Steve to provide persistent device naming text for persistent device 
AR Johannes to provide persistent device naming text for persistent 
device naming.
AR Mika to bring up network dump to specs group.
AR Steve to get information on scalable scheduler with tunables.
AR Mika to clarify difference between rapid announcement of process 
death and application restart.
AR Julie to deliver text for priority inheritance and robust mutexes.

POC Meeting Minutes
Rusty @ Intel
Khalid @ HP
Johannes @ Nokia
Julie @ Intel
Steve @ MontaVista
Jon Maloy @ Ericsson
Mika @ OSDL
Mark @ OSDL

AR Review
All ARs completed.
Rusty contacted Intel engineer and asked him to create a patch for
Kevin working on HPI creating patch to send to LTP.
    Test cases will not be included in default run set because of
    licensing issues.  Not a problem because few users have HPI.
    Plan is to snapshot current state of HPI tests into LTP and
    provide updates.

Priority 1 Requirement Documents
Some questions about how document relates to registration.
Gap analysis and registration should be documented in list.
Clarification of gap analysis: feedback cycle into specification group.
ie: if specs group creates priority 1 requirement, but no implementation
is available, POC can provide feedback.
Add to requirements document gap analysis.
should POC recommend best project?  No, we should state levels of

2.7 feature list
ARs for text development

Text to be developed:
Why it is needed in 2.7
how it is used
Current Implementation Descriptions
Current Implementation Patches

Provide both text versions and web version with front page mindmap picture.

Status of TIPC
Mika working on rewrite.  Issue with subscription model, Mika back to 
board about feature.  Everyone too busy.
Discussion about SOCK_STREAM requirements, second prioirty to rewrite.

Status of SDE
Description of device enumeration via kobjects create/removes.
Three problems with /sbin/hotplug:
devices could be enumerated out of order
early device enumerations are missed
performance of fork

Mika to talk with Greg about sbin/hotplug appropriateness for
device enumeration.

Status of OpenHPI
Timeframe of OpenHPI for 1H2004.
Rusty indicated if HPI required by distros earlier, it could be pulled in.

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