[cgl_discussion] POC 6/5 Meeting Minutes

John Cherry cherry at osdl.org
Thu Jun 5 14:48:48 PDT 2003


Sorry I missed the meeting this morning.  I just have a couple comments
on the ARs.

On Thu, 2003-06-05 at 10:02, Steven Dake wrote:

> AR Julie to do gap analysis on Security for priority 1 requirements.
> AR Rusty to add Gap analysis field to priority 1 requirements document.

If there are appropriate references that come out of the gap analysis,
they can be added to the requiremnts document, but I don't think the
requirements document is the place for gap analysis information.  This
should be tracked in the PoC (perhaps with the PoC list).

> 2.7 wishlist ARs
> ----------------
> AR Steve to provide text for multipath IO.

Mike Anderson and Pat Mansfield have been working on multipath I/O at
the mid-layer SCSI level.  They should be included in this gap analysis.

> AR Mika to provide text for Application restart text.

Peter just added/revised text for this in the requirements document.  He
is limiting the discussion to passive detection.

> AR Steve to provide forced unmount text.

Is MV going to put their forced unmount code in open source?  A fellow
at Veritas (tigran) has a patch for 2.4.18 and possibly 2.5 as well.

> AR Mika to bring up application preloading kernel changes to specs subgroup.


> AR Mika to bring up page flushing to specs subgroup.

Currently P3.

> AR Mika to bring up network dump to specs group.

Current candidates are:
   - LKCD (no chance of mainline acceptance)
   - RedHat's netdump (have not seen anything in open source)
   - Create a project around the new power management and suspend code
     in the kernel.  Pat Mochel is trying to get the suspend code


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