[cgl_discussion] RPM auto-rollback patch fixed...

James Olin Oden joden at malachi.lee.k12.nc.us
Sat Jun 7 18:06:53 PDT 2003

I had mentioned on the list earlier that I found some problems
with the original patch to make rpm automatically rollback
a failed transaction.  Well, I have fixed these (and others)
and have put a new patch out, along with RPMS; you can find
them at:


I also updated the web page to give a brief description of
the strategy invoked by the path.

Just so you know the next patch I will be looking at submitting
is one to:

	- allow macro processing of install scripts at install time.
	- Use this facility to communicate to scriptlets that they
	  are being ran from in a rollback.

The goal is so that scriptlets that are modifying config files, 
can do the right thing in a rollback scenario.  Presently, a scriptlet
can tell if it is in an install, erase, or upgrade; A rollback, though,
is a special type of upgrade, so presently scriptlets think the are
in an upgrade when running a rollback.

Anyway, if anyone has the time please feel free to review the 
auto-rollback patch, and test it.


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