[cgl_discussion] hello..

Dhirendra Pal Singh dp at garudanetworks.com
Tue Jun 10 13:58:29 PDT 2003

Thanks for a quick response Randy,
Okay I will switch to CGL Requirements pretty quickly...

Also I am following cgl_discussion mailing list..

I have quite a bit of linux device drivers and tcpip/socket programming in c
on linux, with sys admin too. Any idea where I could be of use...

I will try to find out where I can be of use.. though I would surely like to
be a part of IPV6.

Thanks for your help

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On Tue, 10 Jun 2003 11:46:19 -0700 "Dhirendra Pal Singh"
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| Hi All,
| I am new to CGL. But I want to take part in this project as its kind of
| starting and I want to contribute to linux community.
| I went to website but couldnt get much out of it. I have read the first
| i.e. the technical scope of clg. going ahead with cgl arcitecture?

I suggest just skimming over the architecture spec.  It's more of
an overview document, not much technical detail.  Then go on to the
CGL Requirements spec.  Version 1.x was published last year and version
2.x is being drafted now.

| Can anyone guide me how and where can I pick up and take active part in
| CGL..???

That's a fair question, but it really depends on your background
and experience, both with communications (h/w and s/w) and with Linux.

Follow cgl_discussion mailing list.

If there are projects in the CGL Requirements specs where you feel
that you can contribute without a steep learning curve, get involved
with one or more of them.


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