[cgl_discussion] POC 6/12/03 Meeting Minutes AR for TECHBOARD voting members inside

Steven Dake sdake at mvista.com
Thu Jun 12 09:48:46 PDT 2003

POC 6/12/03 concall
Khalid @ HP
Mark @ OSDL
John @ OSDL
Johannes @ Nokia
Julie @ Intel
Rusty @ Intel
Mika @ OSDL

AR John to ask Peter about specs group wednesday meeting to see if
   we should meet wednesday.
AR Steve to send latest POC projects to suse/redhat.
AR Steve to send OSDL 2.0 spec to suse/redhat so they can review priorit
y 1.
AR Techboard company members to review POC references and feedback.
AR Mika to send techboard voting members to Steve.
AR Steve to contact Dave about 2.7 feature webpage.

AR Review:

AR Rusty reports engineer assigned to TAHI task will start Monday
AR Julie gap analysis complete (done).
AR Rusty to add gap analysis field to priority 1 requirements (done).
AR Steve sent email to list asking for review of priority 1 requirements
. (done)
AR Steve to contact suse/redhat, contacted Redhat, time bad.  no respons
e from suse. (done)
AR Steve to provide position on projects: work still pending, carryover
to next week.
AR Steve to provide application preloading libc enhancements into commun
ity.  Contacted developer, waiting response.
AR Rusty to output poc list in pdf (done).

2.7 wishlist AR Review
AR memory overcommit, scalable scheduler features already in 2.5 recomme
nd drop.
AR Mika application restart, kexec text supplied (done)
AR Mika brought up all items to specs subgroup and referenced projects i
n email (done)
AR Johannes has no features required for the kernel for hdi.
AR Julie provided text on prioiryt inheritance and robust mutexes and ad
ded priority protection. (done)

Julie brought up p1 depends on distro input on features.

CGL 1.1 items merged into 2.0 POC references
CGL 1.1 items merged into 2.0
Suggestion for updates to POC document every one month.
Mika would like to see document as an HTML file.
Rusty would really like to see distros involvement into POC.
Steve to CC mika when next contacting Redhat/Suse.
Julie said without distro involvement, priority 1 requirements cannot
be determined.  Solution is to verify that distros believe they can
implement OSDL 2.0 priority 1 requirements in case priority errors
were made in Helsinki F2F.

2.0 requirements
Decided to have techboard members to review POC references and provide
Gap analysis to be done after distro analysis and review by techboard
voting members.
Decision not to wait for updates to document before getting further

Tracking of priority 2 and priority 3 references
Decision to keep priority 2&3 references in seperate document form 
priority 1 documents.
Focus of POC on priority 1 document, priority 2 & 3 lower priority.

Jon Maloy put out TIPC 0.95
Diff between 0.94 and 0.95 700k
Erricson still desireing to make TIPC open source and will address large
patch issue.
Development web site / bitkeeper trees on OSDL web sites coming RSN

Kernel patch to buffer kobject create/delete sent to Greg KH and
Pat Mochel.  Software lives as part of linux driver model code.
Without software, several problems exist with using /sbin/hotplug
to handle device enumeration events.  Greg KH dislikes use of
character driver and believes everything can be accomplished
in user space.

udev modified to read events from kernel without fork/exec.  With
changes, early device enumeration events are captured.

On track for patch to LTP for next week.  Development marching along.
Priority 1 requirement schedule not slipped.

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