[cgl_discussion] FYI - PoC Tracking Sheets updated

Steven Dake sdake at mvista.com
Tue Jun 17 08:29:40 PDT 2003


At the Helsinki F2F, checkpointing and several other cluster 
requirements were moved to be resolved in a future specification.  The 
reasoning was that making it a priority 3 requirement (since no projects 
exist) would make it seem unvaluable (when it is critical for many 
solutions) and encoding it as priority 1 would require something in the 
community to use, when no real solutions currently exist.

If you are involved in solving this requirement or considering a 
project, the PoC would be happy to track that information.  Please let 
me know and I'll get the information added to the tracking sheet.  At 
this time, I know of no projects that are looking at this from an 
application standpoint that are heading towards the requirements set 
forth in the OSDL specs.


Pan, Deng wrote:

>Checkpointing is the priority 1 requirement of CGL 2.0, but till now, I
>can not find any discussion neither in julie's PoC tracking sheet, nor
>in andy's CGL project list. Is there anybody looking into this
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>Subject: [cgl_discussion] FYI - PoC Tracking Sheets updated
>Just thought you might like to know that I have updated the PoC tracking
>sheet on the web with the best data I have so far.  The only area where
>there are blanks is in the "carryover, unchanged" requirements.  This
>should be a simple port from Andy's spreadsheet when we get the time.
>The file names are:
>XLS format -
>PDF format -
>HTML format - attached
>- Julie
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