[cgl_discussion] Re: [Openhpi-devel] RE: Adding hpitest snapshot to LTP

Rusty Lynch rusty at linux.co.intel.com
Tue Jun 17 13:25:20 PDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-06-17 at 01:04, Gao, Kevin wrote:
> Hi Rusty,
> 	I have sent the patch to the LTP for a long time,
> and no body give any feedback, or any response. I know that
> you know much about LTP project, and have much more
> authority to recommend our project to LTP. So could you help me
> push our HPI conformance test to it?. I think you can do much
> better than I :)
> Thanks very much!
> -Kevin

Ok, I'll bubble up the status to the CGL PoC.  Since HPI isn't something
that exist in distributions just yet, I can see where this would fall
into a low priority for LTP people.  I have never submitted a patch to
LTP before, but I would guess that following a similar procedure to LKML
where you periodically resend the patch (with RESEND) in the title will
get results. 

hmm... could you also check the patch into some place in the test suite?


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> Sent: 2003?6?5? 0:54
> To: Gao, Kevin
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> Subject: Adding hpitest snapshot to LTP
> I'm not sure if I officially stated it before, but I believe that we
> should be periodically pushing snapshots of our test suite into LTP. 
> This is a general direction encouraged by the OSDL CGL working group
> since it promotes a single well known repository for Linux test.
> I also verified with Stephanie Glass that our BSD license will not be a
> road block for addition to the LTP.  (The test cases will not be added
> to the "run all" target, but since HPI is not pervasive for all Linux
> systems then the "run all" target would not be appropriate anyway.)
> Kevin, would you create a patch to the LTP that adds a snapshot of our
> current hpitest to LTP, and then send the patch to the ltp mailing list.
> If you are not already part of the ltp mailing list, you can sign up at
> http://ltp.sourceforge.net/.
>         --rustyl 
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