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Pan, Deng deng.pan at intel.com
Thu Jun 19 02:42:06 PDT 2003

Hi, steven:
In my opinion, the main gap between customer clustering requirement and
the existing open source clustering project is the stateful failover,
because we have already had the stateless failover solution such as
Linux-HA and FailSafe. Without checkpointing, we can not do the stateful
failover and our osdl clutering efforts will be dimmed too much.

Yes, I am considering solving this requirement. Although currently there
is no open source project aimed at this requirement, there do have
several commercial solutions available from SAF members right now.
Actually, SAF Application Interface Specification was based on those
solutions :-)

I will put more my ideas here later.

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At the Helsinki F2F, checkpointing and several other cluster 
requirements were moved to be resolved in a future specification.  The 
reasoning was that making it a priority 3 requirement (since no projects

exist) would make it seem unvaluable (when it is critical for many 
solutions) and encoding it as priority 1 would require something in the 
community to use, when no real solutions currently exist.

If you are involved in solving this requirement or considering a 
project, the PoC would be happy to track that information.  Please let 
me know and I'll get the information added to the tracking sheet.  At 
this time, I know of no projects that are looking at this from an 
application standpoint that are heading towards the requirements set 
forth in the OSDL specs.


Pan, Deng wrote:

>Checkpointing is the priority 1 requirement of CGL 2.0, but till now, I
>can not find any discussion neither in julie's PoC tracking sheet, nor
>in andy's CGL project list. Is there anybody looking into this
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>Just thought you might like to know that I have updated the PoC
>sheet on the web with the best data I have so far.  The only area where
>there are blanks is in the "carryover, unchanged" requirements.  This
>should be a simple port from Andy's spreadsheet when we get the time.
>The file names are:
>XLS format -
>PDF format -
>HTML format - attached
>- Julie
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