[cgl_discussion] PoC Meeting Minutes 6/19/03

Steven Dake sdake at mvista.com
Thu Jun 19 11:09:53 PDT 2003

OSDL PoC Meeting Minutes 6/19/03
AR Steve to develop what it means to have a project status update Thursday.
AR Venkata to review streams project and provide status update @ next PoC.
AR Steve to add rusty's document to be reviewed
AR Rusty to post document again Tuesday before POC meeting.

Rusty @ Intel
Steve @ MontaVista
Julie @ Intel
Mika @ OSDL
Mark @ OSDL
Venkata @ IBM

AR Review
All ARs reviewed and completed.

Update on PoC tracking sheet
European companies currently on vacation.
Timesys, Redhat, Suse contacted about references.  No response on
review info.
Julie suggested we pull up projects into status reports for PoC.
Mika suggested "project of the week" selected for PoC review.
Steve suggested project of the week project all members review
and provide feedback.
Mika suggested one company review PoC project based upon select
from company list.
* Decision to focus on projects that may have issues over projects
  that don't have issues.
Focus on Streams for next week.
Selection of project reviewer based upon reverse order of
callers on 6/19 call.

status of 2.7 feature list

Status of HPI
Started contact with LTP.  LTP suggested changes to fit better with
LTP.  HPI conformance suite being modified to match LTP requirements.

Status of IPv6
mobile-ipv6 discussions on mailing list about maintainer issues with
splitting mobile-ipv6 between kernel and user.
Some components that could be moved to user are moving.
mobile-ipv6 likely to be accepted into Linux.
Hopes to be accepted before 2.5 closes, 50/50 chance of acceptance.
dhcpv6 project complete basic support.  Additional optional options
that could be supported.  A few options are supported.  Options
that applications are not likely to use are not likely to be supported
soon.  New features would be supported.
Distros could pick up latest dhcpv6 to get these options.
Prefix list implemented against routing tables performs slow.  IBM to
provide implementation connecting to routing tables AND a higher
performance interface implementation.  Discussion on mailing list
maintainers seem to dislike interface implmentation, but may be
changing their minds.
IPv6 catching real attention.  DOD ratified memorandum stipulated
that products purchased should include ipv6.

Status of TIPC
Discussion with Erricson about problem of having two source trees.
Two goals hard to meet Erricson wants TIPC to work on multiple OS,
OSDL wants TIPC mainlined.
Dave Olien reviewing TIPC code to analyze issues with mainline.
Rusty suggested adopt mainline approach of acceptance by distros of
RPMs for module support.
OSDL has kernel mainline goal.
OSDL goal to improve linux kernel, OSDL not likely to work on code
that won't go in kernel.

Status of SDE
Kernel event queue patch rejected
Problem solved regarding out of order event delivery.

AEM to be submitted to lkml.
Three different projects all varying degrees of meeting the requirement.


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