[cgl_discussion] RE: MV open projects analysis

Patrick Mochel mochel at osdl.org
Tue Jun 24 14:16:49 PDT 2003

Hi there.

> PDF is updated too at:
> http://www.osdl.org/docs/cgl_20_p1_project_list___pdf_format.pdf.

A couple of points on the "Hot Device Identity" Requirement, from a 2.5 
developer standpoint.

udev, and associated sysfs utilities, are intended to become the de facto
standard for supporting persistant device data, including naming. There is
a lot of work going on in this area, though more is greatly welcome (hint, 
hint ;).

It does currently only work for a subset of devices, but that is not a
long-term limitation. As more device subsystems are converted to the 2.5 
driver model, more subsystems will be supported by udev. Some patches are 
pending (e.g. input devices), and more are yet come.

As for MontaVista's SDEF utility, I strongly suggest you reconsider it's
entry in the spreadsheet. First of all, the intent of the work is
completely unaligned with the short-term and long-term goals of the
relevant kernel developers, and is not supported at all by said parties.  
While it may suffice as a solution for 2.4-based distribution, it will be
made irrelevant by udev and friends in the 2.6 time frame. 

Secondly, it's vaporware. It has not been released, and there is no
guarantee that it will be. It is shamelessly self-promoting, and in poor
taste, IMO. No where else in the document are entries for ficticious
projects. I suggest removing it for the sake of consistency and honesty.


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