[cgl_discussion] RE: MV open projects analysis

Patrick Mochel mochel at osdl.org
Tue Jun 24 15:14:45 PDT 2003

> The intent of the work is entirely aligned with the 2.6 kernel.  
> MontaVista is using standard interfaces, such as sysfs and 
> /sbin/hotplug.  The intent of system device enumeration framework is to 
> provide a complete solution on 2.5 kernel+ without any major 
> modifications to the kernel.  

I stand corrected. Glad to see you're finally coming around. :)

> I really don't see any problem with 
> competing projects such as Nokia's HDI project or Greg KH's udev project 
> being listed in the PoC references.  Competition is _what_ makes Linux 
> better.  What project you choose to use is certainly your decision, 
> however, there are specific customer requirements that are not met by 
> the current solutions available which is why MontaVista is actively 
> investing in this area.

I agree. I was merely pointing out that udev is the direction that we're
heading, from a kernel standpoint. 

While one is free to implement the solution they feel appropriate in their
distro, it's also to good to have One Right Solution(tm). ;)


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