[cgl_discussion] MV open projects analysis

Johannes.Jaskari at nokia.com Johannes.Jaskari at nokia.com
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comments about the Nokia HDI ... =

>Persistent Device Naming       =


>GPL    =

>Hot Device Identity
>( http://sourceforge.net/projects/hdi/) =

>No stable release yet. =

 - Eh , it is not perfect yet but it works and it has been tested with real=
 HW and we (Nokia) will use it if there is nothing better.

>Website says it implements full requirement. =

>Unsure that it meets the spirit of the requirement. =

-Gap Analysis: The first working piece of software renames network interfac=
es. It currently works for ethernet devices, by means of a configuration fi=
le akin to /etc/fstab.

-This is pure userland  .. we still have no need to touch the kernel ..  =

>not likely     =


BR    JJ

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> Folks,
> As promised, I've finally dispatched all of the items as to
> how we are
> likely to support or unlikley to support PoC projects for MontaVista
> software.  I also updated two errors in the document.  There are some
> items that are unknown that I need to contact others in my company
> regarding and hope to have answers on those.
> Thanks
> -steve
> =

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