[cgl_discussion] PoC 6/2/5/03 Meeting Minutes

Steven Dake sdake at mvista.com
Wed Jun 25 10:22:43 PDT 2003

OSDL PoC Meeting Minutes 6/25/03

AR Venkata to analyze if kernel changes are required for streams.
AR Julie to analyze message passing to be analyzed for next week.
AR Mika to enlist Peters help in involving SUSE in PoC.
AR Rusty to contact certification subgroup regarding registration
AR Steve to provide summary information on OSDL document repository
   regarding streams.
AR Steve to review agenda for OLS f2f and flesh out agenda.
AR Julie to determine top 10 projects in need of help to meet
   priority 1 requirements.

Steve @ MontaVista
Johannes @ Nokia
Tariq @ Intel
Mark @ OSDL
Mika @ OSDL
Rusty @ Intel
Julie @ Intel
Venkata @ IBM

AR Review
All ARs reviewed and completed.

Review of Registration Documentation
Long discussion about providing kernel patch of feature, or test of
Julie suggested we just trust distros.
issues related to external patches that vendors are required, issue
related to providing test cases.

Issue referred to certification subgroup.

POC Tracking Sheet
At OLS we have f2f to analyze work required to complete work time
Johannes sent update about HDI project.

2.7 feature list
2.7 features listed, ready for review.  Posting to source.mvista.com
for review there.

Streams Project
no feeling for which companies are providing streams, although
Articom is active.
applications deployed by communication companies for streams.
strong resistance from kernel maintainers to not have streams support.
not alot of advantages for performance, but allows application vendors
to port applications easily onto Linux if they require streams.
No comments on code itself.

Status of HPI
Coming along, plan to be ready by OLS, confident ready by OLS for
IPMI inclusion for backend processing.

Status of IPv6
hacking going on to split patches between kernel and user.  effort
in multiple communities to agree upon aspects of design, executing well.

resubmitted to maintainer, hope to be accepted soon.

close to wrapping dhcp v6 up.  Code is available on sourceforge website.
maintenance mode for some time because basic features are available.

Status of TIPC
bitkeeper working and TIPC moving from bkbits to OSDL development
server.  FAQ being developed about TIPC development.  Will post to
CGL discussion when finished.  3rd tree called testing between
stable and unstable.  New patches going to testing tree.

Status of SDE
Project progressing.  Discussion about parent needed from scsi device
to scsi host to pci device.  parent's needed for all devices, not just
SCSI devices.  MontaVista working on attributes for this kind of

Venkata wants to look at requirements and see if priority 1 requirement
projects need to be worked on.

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