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Guo, Min min.guo at intel.com
Wed Jun 25 20:18:57 PDT 2003

Personally, I think the Greg KH's udev project is the better selection,
Because the project is ongoing and many features are being added  
to meet the requirements.

Comparatively, Monta vista's project is still not opened and Nokia's HDI is short of

Guo Min 
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Patrick Mochel wrote:

>>The intent of the work is entirely aligned with the 2.6 kernel.  
>>MontaVista is using standard interfaces, such as sysfs and 
>>/sbin/hotplug.  The intent of system device enumeration framework is to 
>>provide a complete solution on 2.5 kernel+ without any major 
>>modifications to the kernel.  
>I stand corrected. Glad to see you're finally coming around. :)
>>I really don't see any problem with 
>>competing projects such as Nokia's HDI project or Greg KH's udev project 
>>being listed in the PoC references.  Competition is _what_ makes Linux 
>>better.  What project you choose to use is certainly your decision, 
>>however, there are specific customer requirements that are not met by 
>>the current solutions available which is why MontaVista is actively 
>>investing in this area.
>I agree. I was merely pointing out that udev is the direction that we're
>heading, from a kernel standpoint. 
The wonderful concept that Greg KH has developed in his udev package is 
definately the way devices should be enumerated. What the exact 
requirements are from a customer standpoint, I think, is where the 
current competition arises from. If everyone agreed on the requirements, 
one project would probably fit the bill :)

>While one is free to implement the solution they feel appropriate in their
>distro, it's also to good to have One Right Solution(tm). ;)
>	-pat

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