[cgl_discussion] RE: [Osdlcluster-tipc] Change of TIPC BK repository

Guo, Min min.guo at intel.com
Thu Jun 26 18:30:13 PDT 2003

I can not pull the source from bk://developer.osdl.org/tipc/stable now,
so whether the new bk tree is done now?
Another question is whether the Unit_test tree has been moved to the new sever too?

Guo Min 
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Subject: [Osdlcluster-tipc] Change of TIPC BK repository

I have agreed to be the guinea pig of the new developer.osdl.org
machine, and part of that is that effective immediately I have
moved the TIPC BK repositories from bkbits to that machine.

Cloning the tree is done with:
	bk clone bk://developer.osdl.org/tipc/stable

Currently there are no plans to allow external parties to have
push-rights, so we decided to start a third tree (called "testing")
which we will use as a staging area for external patches.

I will also push my changes from unstable to testing, so when creating
a patch please do a diff against either stable or unstable, not against

Rusty, feel free to take bkbits tree down when you want.


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