[cgl_discussion] RE: MV open projects analysis

ville.lavonius at nokia.com ville.lavonius at nokia.com
Fri Jun 27 00:40:29 PDT 2003

> From: ext Greg KH [mailto:greg at kroah.com]
> On Wed, 25 Jun 2003 16:45:59 +0300, Johannes.Jaskar wrote:
> > -Gap Analysis: The first working piece of software renames network
> > interfaces. It currently works for ethernet devices, by means of a
> > configuration file akin to /etc/fstab.
> Any reason using nameif(8) doesn't work for you for this task?

Embarrassingly enough we missed nameif on the first checkup, but became
aware of it during the project.  

However, plain vanilla nameif would not be sufficient, since it only 
supports mapping between names and MAC-addresses, and our product needed 
mapping to between names and PCI-addresses (to make all blades in the 
cluster fully interchangeable without configuration file editing).  

Pushing the changes to nameif would at least bring the functionality 
to more people - as it stands now, we haven't received a single query,
patch or bug report through sourceforge.  

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