[cgl_discussion] Another POC for CFH.2.0 NFS Server Failover

Zhu, Yi yi.zhu at intel.com
Mon Jun 30 00:19:08 PDT 2003


Below link in linux-ha-dev list talked about support NFS Server Failover by linux-ha.

The main issue to support this feature however, is not the cluster framework, it is
the nfs-utils version. statd in nfs-utils version earlier than 0.3.3 doesn't support the 
"-n" switch, which is used to specify the hostname the clients are mounting from.
Modern Linux releases are all sufficient with the requirement. Redhat 7.3 uses 
nfs-utils 0.3.3, UL 1.0 uses 1.0.1, and so on.

I have successfully setup the NFS Server Failover with linux-ha with a little 
modification with the configuration files. For detail information, please refer

I did some basic test on the NFS Failover service. The service can be resumed on
the backup server. That is, all nfs mounted directory remains mounted after the 
failover, all the read/write request are queued during the takeover and are processed
after the takeover.

I did not test the authentication things because I'm not familar with that. Would
anyone tell me what is a NFS authenticated client?

I tried both kimberlite and linux-ha for the NFS Server Failover requirement. IMHO,
for the NFS Server Failover requirement, linux-ha can do as well as, if not better than
kimberlite. Shall we put linux-ha as another PoC for the CFH.2.0 NFS Server Failover

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