[cgl_discussion] Top 10 projects

Mika Kukkonen mika at osdl.org
Mon Jun 30 13:44:20 PDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-06-30 at 11:44, Fleischer, Julie N wrote:
> POSIX Message Passing -> We don't have distro input on this one, and
> we don't have data on how much each of the two implementations
> implements the requirement.  I'm presenting some additional analysis
> at the next POC.

The patch exists. I think the real issue here is that is this really
needed, i.e. used in real life applications. Not in top-5.

> Persistent Device Naming -> Neither project listed appears to
> implement full requirement.  One is being worked on, but isn't listed
> yet.

a.k.a HDI. See my response to Steven.

> IPMI 1.5 -> Seems to implement requirement, but needs help getting
> stable.

IPMI is in 2.5.

> Asynchronous Events -> AEM is the only one designed to meet full
> requirement, but isn't stable yet.

It's invasiveness is a major issue for distro's to embrace it.

> Cluster Node Failure Detection -> Need to ensure one of these projects
> is ready by CGL 2.0.

I thought heartbeat was already in at last one distro?

> Multipath Access to Storage -> Not sure name/location of IBM project
> or how well it implements the reuqirement.

This might be in top-10, but definitely not in top-5.

> IPSec for IPV4/Support for IKE -> Need to ensure the current
> implementations really meet the requirement.

I have no worries about this; I'm pretty sure distro's and their customers
can find a working solution here.


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