[cgl_discussion] Top 10 projects

Fleischer, Julie N julie.n.fleischer at intel.com
Mon Jun 30 14:11:18 PDT 2003

> IPMI is also included in Redhat 9.0 and MontaVista Carrier 
> Grade Edition 
> 3.0.  And it is in the kernel.  Doesn't this meet the definition of 
> mainline?
> But, where work is probably needed on stability is in relationship to 
> the user library, not the kernel driver (which is rock 
> solid).  Perhaps 
> the top 10 should keep that in mind.
> Thanks
> -steve

My comment was going to be that the "solution" is the kernel + OpenIPMI user space pieces, which are currently at a 0.4.3 release, and do not appear ready for mainline.  So, the full solution may need work to be production.  However, if an IPMI solution is in RH and MVCGE, then maybe it is correct that we should remove this from the top 10.  I guess it depends on if RH and MVCGE have the full solution.

Also, I'm collecting all comments to make a new top 10 (or top 5 or whatever it ends up being) list to publish near the end of the day (or whenever it looks like we've converged on a new list).

- Julie

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