[cgl_discussion] PoC concall minutes, 3/6

Fleischer, Julie N julie.n.fleischer at intel.com
Thu Mar 6 11:54:03 PST 2003

> Rod Van Meter wrote:
> Mika wants a list of projects to be pushed into kernel.  I've 
> added some
> others for mainline:
> pushing into 2.5:
> ...
>   - timers (POSIX interface to clocks & timers is in)
>   - possible bugs (see below)

One other item that popped into my head after I had to drop out of the
meeting is:  What about the other POSIX items in CGL 1.1, like message
queues?  I don't know the history, but at one point felt like they may have
been candidates for 2.5 integration (?).

Also, CGL 1.1 calls out signals as a requirement, but that's already in
Linux.  Not sure if that means it should go on our list or not (We didn't
have to do anything to get it in.).

Now that I think about it, CGL 1.1 also calls out POSIX Threads, which are
currently in distros.  POSIX Semaphores (also called out by CGL 1.1) are in
some of the POSIX Threads implementations (like NPTL, LinuxThreads (parts)).

One note on the possible bugs.  Testing results against known POSIX
implementations (tested beginning of February) are at
http://posixtest.sourceforge.net/testpass0_2_0.html.  By the end of this
month, we should have more current results (esp. timers will be tested
against the latest Linux kernel), and I will publish the location of those
to CGL Discussion too.

- Julie

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