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New project idea:
We were discussing here the need to fix up Linux 'sar' so that it can do
performance by disk rather than just a general storage overview.
Apparently there are a few sar kernel patches out there, but not for very
many kernels.  There isn't much development activity on this.  Sar is an
important performance measurement tool for both enterprise and CG,
especially for measuring database performance.
If we make this a CGL feature/project, it could receive more development &


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Mika wants a list of projects to be pushed into kernel.  He wants some
feedback on this, at least an acknowledgement.  So far, Julie has asked
some questions about the POSIX stuff, to which I don't have the answers.



I've added some others for mainline:

pushing into 2.5:

* IPv6:
  - most core IPv6 ND, autoconf, bugfixes, etc. have gone in,
    including privacy extensions.  Some in 2.4.20, more in 2.4.21.
  - IPSec accepted by Dave Miller todayish, pushing to Linus
    probably 2.5.65
  - MIPv6 pending; may or may not make it?  MN & CN probably will, HA
    may not
  - SNMP (Randy/Yixiong) should make 2.5, but worried about changes to
  - timers (POSIX interface to clocks & timers is in)
  - possible bugs (see below)

waiting for 2.7:

* IPv6:
  - maybe MIP, esp. HA
  - hi-res timers


* kernel debugger
* kernel dumps


Non-kernel, therefore not subject to this logic:

(These items may have kernel dependencies, but will not be shipped as
part of the kernel.)

Well under way:

* OpenPOSIX test suite
* Hot device identity (status?)
  (MontaVista one may have had kernel change, Nokia was user-only)

More problematic:

* TAHI cooperation/IPv6 testing
* TIPC testing
* application loading (done, but not accepted by glibc?)

* IPv6:
  - glibc -- e.g., getifaddrs() needed by DHCPv6 (hosted by OSDL)
    ported from BSD, but haven't been pushed to glibc maintainers yet


Red flag items:

* boot cycle detection
* live SW upgrade
* resource monitoring
* OpenHPI still waiting on SAF/legal stuff; resources expected to be
  available (probably all non-kernel)

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