[cgl_discussion] PoC minutes, 3/13

Rod Van Meter Rod.VanMeter at nokia.com
Thu Mar 13 09:09:24 PST 2003

PoC meeting:

OSDL: Mika, Randy, John, Andy, Mark
Intel: Julie, Rusty
Nokia: Johannes, Rod
IBM: Venkat

No news on AEM.

HDI: not much cooperation btw Nokia & MontaVista right now.  Nokia HDI
0.3 on SF, not much action right now.  Supports ethernet devices.
Would like to know what CGL needs from HDI, e.g. SCSI?

Q: is this 2.5 or 2.4?  2.4, Johannes thinks, will double-check.  All
user space, though, no kernel changes, so should work.

Randy's comment is that the implementers should say "this is what
we're going to do".  He's in favor of persistent naming.

Nokia is happy with the current state, so doesn't have more to do
right now.

No plans to integrate Nokia w/ MV right now.  Haven't looked at hot
plug yet, but will within the next few weeks.

Ville said in New York that Nokia would be looking at boot cycle
detection.  Still investigating, nothing much to report yet.

Rusty says an Intel engineer in China has started porting TAHI to
Linux.  License issues still need to be checked; it's a new BSD
license with some issues.  IBM has asked them to remove some
restrictions, but IBM can't release their TAHI port code yet.  We'd
like to see this on Source Forge.

Randy trying to add UDP listener table to kernel so SNMP MIB work can
take place.  Yixiong looking at user space side.

Links to projects that are CGL-related.  Dave Fuller is waiting for
input from rdv to get links to projects onto the OSDL/CGL page.

Mika is working on a list of simple TIPC janitor items.  Ben Cahill
will be working on this, too.

Rusty has people to work on TIPC, he thinks.

Frederick was going to look at AEM and contrast it to some of the
other existing mechanisms.  This hasn't been seen yet.

Mika thinks we should push more on clustering.

John will post latest arch doc to Source Forge clustering page.

Venkat points out that 0.3 of DHCPv6 is out.  Interoperability testing
at Connectathon, good results.  Includes both client and server, but
not relay yet.

TIPC definitely needs a regression suite.  Intel has someone just
starting on this.

Nokia may have some new issues on security in the next few weeks.

Don't forget to sign up for F2F meeting.

No PoC meeting next week.

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