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Mika Kukkonen mika at osdl.org
Thu Mar 13 12:36:58 PST 2003


Good clarification, but you accidentally sent it to cgl_specs; PoC
people are on cgl_discussion (where this email is going, as you
clearly stated this document is going to be on AEM web site anyway).


From: Frederic Rossi (LMC) <Frederic.Rossi at ericsson.ca>
To: CGL Specs <cgl_specs at osdl.org>
Subject: [cgl_specs] AEM - FAQ
Date: Day, 13 Mar 2003 14:48:52 -0500


I joined a document which explains what is AEM. It is actually a FAQ
document I will put on the web site, based on questions I've received.

I hope it will clarify what is AEM compared to epoll in particular. Let
me know if you wanted something different because I would like
to re-use some part of it for the requirement document.

Should have any question, please feel free to ask me.


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