[cgl_discussion] Re: questions on AEM article

Frederic Rossi (LMC) Frederic.Rossi at ericsson.ca
Thu Mar 20 12:20:51 PST 2003

Yes it is possible to control event delivery from user space. throught the
evctl system call. It is possible to start/stop events. Although I don't 
call it 'defer'  because it implies queueing and AEM doesn't perform 
by itself.

Dave Olien wrote:

>I've looked over your AEM article.  I had few questions.
>One question I've had regarding asynchronous event notification APIs like
>this one.  Asynchronous Event notification has some of the same
>characteristics of signal delivery.
>For example, doesnt AEM have issues similar to the thread safety and
>asynchronous signal safety of library routines?  Often times, library
>routines are made signal safe by adding calls to block signals during
>critical portions of the library routine.  In the thread safety case,
>library routines sometimes block signals and then acquire a user-level
>lock to serialize concurrent calls.  The library needs to block signals
>to prevent deadlock.
>Does your API have any way to defer delivery of event notifcation?
>If not, why isn't one needed?

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