[cgl_discussion] Re: Another question on AEM

Frederic Rossi (LMC) Frederic.Rossi at ericsson.ca
Thu Mar 20 12:36:06 PST 2003

Yes this is the way it works. Constructors are basically reponsible for 
the calling stack and parameters for handlers. If there is memory allocation
to do, it is done here. Information passed in during registration if 
limited to
handler addresses and the way they will be executed.
To be more precise, let me know if I didn't guess your question, memory 
is not
allocated during event registration.


Dave Olien wrote:

>Reading your article on AEM some more, I'd like to understand a little
>better what the event handler's constructors and destructors do.
>I gather that these are executed just prior to and just after the execution
>of the user-mode event handler.  They execute in conjunction with the
>kernel constructing the user-mode stack for posting the event.
>So, I imagine these have to do with setting up user-mode access to
>the data delivered with the event?
>So, these constructors/destructors are responsible for doing the
>allocation of user-mode memory to hold this data?
>Are the constructor/destructor routines based on information passed
>in with the definition of the event handler?

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