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JOHN COLEMEN johncolemen1970 at netscape.net
Mon May 12 06:20:16 PDT 2003

Dear SIR,
I am Mr. John Coleman and my sister is Miss Rose Coleman, we are the childr=
en of late Chief Paul Coleman from Sierra Leone. I am writing you in absolu=
te confidence primarily to seek your assistance to transfer our cash of twe=
nty one Million Dollars ($21,000.000.00) now in the custody of a private Se=
curity trust firm in Europe the money is in trunk boxes deposited and decla=
red as family valuables by my late father as a matter of fact the company d=
oes not know the content as money, although my father made them to under st=
and that the boxes belongs to his foreign partner.
Source of the money:
My late father Chief Paul Coleman , a native of Mende District in the North=
erh province of Sierra Leone, was the General Manager of Sierra Leone Minin=
g co-operation (S.L.M.C.) Freetown . According to my father, this money was=
 the income accrued from Mining Co-operation's over draft and minor sales.
Before the peak of the civil war between the rebels forces of Major Paul Ko=
roma and the combined forces of ECOMOG peace keeping operation that almost =
destroyed my country, following the forceful removal from power of the civi=
lian elected President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah by the rebels. My father had alre=
ady made arrangement for his family thats talking about my mother, my littl=
e sister and myself to be evacuated to HOLLAND NETHERLAND, with the CERTIFI=
CATE OF DEPOSIT he made with a security firm in Europe through the aid
of U.N evacuation team.
During the war in my country, and following the indiscriminate looting of P=
ublic and Government properties by the rebel forces, the Sierra Leone minin=
g coop. Was one of the target looted and it was destroyed. My father includ=
ing other top Government functionaries were attaked and killed by the rebel=
s in November 2000 because of his relationship with the civilian Government=
 of Ahmed Tejan Kabbah.
As a result of my father's death , and with the news of my uncle's involvem=
ent in the air crash in Januaryit dashed our hope of survival. The untimely=
 deaths caused my mother's heart failure and other related complications of=
 which she later died in the hospital after we must have spent a lot of mon=
ey on her early this year . Now my 18 years old sister and myself are alone=
 in this strange country suffering without any care or help. Without any re=
lation,we are nowlike refugees and orphans.
Our only hope now is in you and the boxes deposited in the Security Firm To=
 this effect, I humbly solicit your assistance in the followings ways.
1. to assist me claim this boxes from the security Firm as our beneficiary
2. to transfer this money (USD$21M) in your name to your country
3. to make a good arrangement for a joint business investment on our
behalf in your country and you, our Adviser/ Manager
For your assistance, I have agreed with my younger sister that 15% of the t=
otal amount will be for your effort and another 5 % to cover all the expens=
es that may incur during the business transaction, Last, I urge you to keep=
 this transaction strictly confidential as no one knows our where about.
Please as you show your willingness, Forward to us your full name, address =
and Tel/ Fax numbers, to me via my private email address as indicated bello=
w,(rosecolemen at netscape.net) this is for security reasons as i will only be=
 accessing my private email earnestly awaiting your response.
May God bless you as you assist us.

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