[cgl_discussion] PoC Conference Call 5/29 Meeting Minutes

Steven Dake sdake at mvista.com
Thu May 29 09:54:59 PDT 2003

AR Rusty, Julie to prepare draft of PoC scrub of priority 1 requirements.
AR Mika to repost RPM rollback posted to cgl_discussion that OSDL 
members missed during f2f.
AR Mika to ping Tim W. about 2.7 feature list posting.
AR Rusty to contact Intel engineer regarding TAHI Linux integration with 
AR Rusty to deliver pointer to plan for inclusion of HPI test suite in LTP.
AR Randy to detail 2.7 kernel details implementation for IPv6 get support.

POC Minutes 5/28/2002
Randy @ OSDL
Venkat @ IBM
Julie @ Intel
Rusty @ Intel
Mika @ OSDL
Mark @ OSDL
Steve @ MontaVista

* Focus of PoC short-term
Steve suggested we focus
Figure out what is not planned on going into priority one features and 
create gap analysis and create plan to deliver what is not missing.
steering: not having solutions for priority 1 requirements makes 
specifications pointless.
Mika wants tracking sheet so we can focus resources around certain projects.
Mika wants three lists: priority one feature list, 2.7 list, combination 
of 2.7
Need to be careful not to ignore user space applications in security 
requirements at expense of 2.7
Rusty suggested a process to scrub out PoC projects list first, then 
obtain determination about distribution's commitment to projects.
Venkat questioned whether it makes sense to focus on 2.7 features for a 
kernel that is 4 years out, but instead focus on 2.6 features.
Steve suggested features that go into 2.7 are more likely to be 
supported in a 2.6 product by distros because there is some long term 
Venkat suggested for features not going into 2.7, must have agreement 
over features between distros.
Scrub POC feature list, make mapping of priority 1 requirement to list 
of implementations plus POC guidance, walk into f2f with good idea of 
what projects are, each distributor could be prepared with input from 
technical people.
Seperate P1 and P2/P3 requirements into seperate list to allow members 
to focus on p1 requirements at first.

* Upgrade LOG
Pradeep out of office, so we will move discussion to next week.

* 2.7 companion document
Prepare document to have meaningful discussions with kernel community.
No 2.7 feature list availble yet, wait until available to assign 
sections of document for people to develop.

Some discussion about TAHI not moving towards Linux support, so we must 
get integration with LTP.
Rusty to contact Intel China TAHI engineer that makes TAHI support Linux 
to attempt to integrate into LTP.

General discussion about testing
Mika believes we should spend time on creating test suites.
Rusty suggested we do what is needed to make them mainstream.
Mika wants to know if any test resources available from member 
companies.  Answer probably not.
Distributions would like to see test suites that could test some 
functionality of CGL features.
OpenHPI team developing test suite for HPI, trying to drive inclusion 
into LTP.
Any further efforts on test suite front?  Rusty indicated nothing else 

* Any changes to TIPC?  No changes to TIPC in last week or so.  Intel 
engineer sent in patches for TIPC.  OSDL moving so patches yet are untested.
Some discussion about middleware providers, some might be willing to 
adopt TIPC for increased performance.
Some troubles with UDP and IPV6 integrated with TIPC.

MontaVista moving on SDE for Linux, project to be included in next 
release of product.

IPV6 get/set
Mika involved in project that were implementing set support and it was 
quite involved.
Suggestion to only pick up useful sets (prune sets to more reasonable sets).
POC previously decided to not focus on sets.
MIBs needed to be implemented not mentioned in CGL 2.0 requirements.
Kernel components required for get support.  Six tables defined for IPv6 
Randy has done one, working on two others.  Troubles with routing table 
implementation.  Data to be exposed to rtnetlink instead of proc.

Project moving along, no progress to report.

Rusty hoping in OLS to finalize details of OpenHPI.  Information 
obtained through fake information retrieval to get info called dummy.  
Benefit from Corey Minyard's expertise around OpenIPMI most useful once 
this dummy plugin is available, perhaps Corey could own IPMI plugin?

Question about long term maintenance.  No guarantee of long term 
maintenance, but commitment to deliver the project.
Question about how to get distros to care about HPI?  Work with PoC list 
that Rusty wants to see to gather info what is required by distros to 
include hpi.
Question about how to get users to use it?  Have to have an 
implementation available

Rusty talked about AR to gather info on how to create registration test 

irc channel for discussion worked on by OSDL for discussion
Rusty would like to see record-bot on channel to keep record.

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