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Mika Kukkonen mika at osdl.org
Thu May 29 10:04:08 PDT 2003

James, I raised your email in this mornings PoC con call, and it
seems a lot of people did not notice it (because we were at Finland
last week), so I am reposting it below for feedback.


On Wed, 2003-05-21 at 11:14, James Olin Oden wrote:
> Hi All,
> Presently, rpm's behavior is such that if an rpm in a transaction
> fails it will continue trying to deliver the remaining rpms.
> In a CGL type environment I don't think that is the right behavior.
> So I have produced a patch for rpm that will allow you to configure
> rpm such that when a transaction fails it will roll the transaction back.
> I have created a website that has binary rpms of rpm 4.2 built with this
> patch, and the srpm that built the binary rpms:
> 	http://lee.k12.nc.us/~joden/misc/patches/rpm/
> If you check the recent archives of the rpm-list you will find quite
> a bit of discussion concerning the development of this patch.  In short
> though it takes the follwoing strategy:
>    if rpm is configured to rollback failed transactions and the 
>    current transaction is not a rollback transaction: 
>        Create a rollback transaction.
>        As each element (install or erase) in the currently running
>        transaction succeeds add either its repackaged package
>        or its db instance to the rollback transaction.
>        On failure of any package after entering the package state machine
>        run the rollback transaction.
> I would appreciate any comments on it, and furthermore would like
> to spur others on to further make rpms transactional rollback features
> be more robust.  My goal is of course a stable upgrade and backout
> mechanism for linux.
> Cheers...james
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