[cgl_discussion] POC Meeting Agenda 9:30 PST

La Monte H.P. Yarroll piggy at timesys.com
Wed Nov 5 08:08:26 PST 2003

What is cgl-techboard?

Steven Dake wrote:

>Please note the time has moved for the POC meeting to account for the
>clustering meeting that will take place at 8:30 AM PST.  Also, the
>conference dialin has changed and will be published to cgl-techboard.
>Define errata process
>Apply errata process to currently known errata (if there is time)
>   To prepare, please read specs and possible errata below so we can
>discuss the errata in detail.
>Possible Errata #1
>I guess I wasn't making myself clear in the original email. 
>What I was trying to address are two things:
>1) RFC 2452, RFC 2454, RFC 2466 will all be obsolete soon.  And my 
>   work will be based on the upcoming Internet Draft, which merges 
>   the IPv4 and IPv6 mib.  
>2) There is no new Internet Draft for RFC 2454 (UDP mib) defined yet.  
>   So I think we should down-grade it to Priority 2. 
>I suggest we change this requirement for CGL 2.0 into something like
>the following:
>Description: CGL shall provide required support for all IPv6 MIBs as 
>specified by IETF IPv6 WG. The support has to be based on the new IP 
>MIB standard, including:
>* "Management Information Base for the Internet Protocol (IP)" 
>* "Management Information Base for the Transmission Control Protocol
>This means that internally within the kernel IPv6 stack, statistics
>information corresponding to MIB data must be gathered and saved for
>retrieval by an SNMP Agent. 
>And also we should add another requirement to specifically address the 
>UDP mib issue.  
>Possible Errata #2
>In the document 
>>the acronym SCTP is expanded incorrectly.
>>SCTP really stands for "Stream Control Transmission Protocol".
>>(or Super TCP, but we're not supposed to say that in public :-).
>Possible Errata #3:
>CCM 1.2
>statement says "must report a problem immediately".
>what does immediately mean?  Immediately means to me 0 msec which is an
>impossible goal...  Shouldn't this be a time interval?
>Possible Errata #4
>grammer problem
>statement says "there is not easy way to configure it"
>should be
>"there is no easy way to configure it"
>Possible Errata #5
>checkpoint read/write access time that is less then 5ms for each 4k page
>for two nodes
>Possible Errata #6
>Does this mean a checkpoint between two nodes of a 4k page takes less
>then 5ms from entry to delivery?  Should we clarify what is meant?
>Possible Errata #7
>AVL 3.1
>includes an extra bullet
>is text missing, or is the bullet extra?
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