[cgl_discussion] New Top Issues item: SVC.1.4 - UDP MIBS

Venkata Jagana jagana at us.ibm.com
Thu Nov 6 14:19:00 PST 2003

Looks good to me except that you need to replace the word
'draft RFCs' with either 'drafts' or 'draft standards'.

btw, the kernel portion of the MIBs is currently planned
to be dev complete by end of 2003 but the integration into
the main kernel may hapen right away or may take a while -
as usual nothing is guaranteed in the open source.


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Thanks for all this clarification.  I added a condensed version of this
to the Top Issues list.  Here's the text:
- Net-SNMP is the only PoC reference.  IBM working on kernel space for
UDP MIBS for EO 2003.  However, user space for UDP MIBS will not be
until Q1 2004.  Work is being done on the new draft RFCs, not the soon-to-
be-obsolete RFCs in the spec.
HELP NEEDED - Just need to track to ensure that the draft RFCs become
and that the code created can be merged into Net-SNMP.  Should be complete
Q1 2004."

Let me know if there are any errors or if more details should be added.

- Julie

PS - I also changed the Top Issues list to reflect our F2F discussions.
I'm going to receive the official list that we modified during the F2F
but this text can stand in until we get it.

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