[cgl_discussion] POC 11/5/03 Meeting Minutes

Pradeep Kathail pkathail at cisco.com
Sun Nov 9 22:39:10 PST 2003

At 11/5/2003 11:35 AM -0700, Steven Dake wrote:
>POC 11/5/03 Meeting Minutes
>Venkata @ IBM
>Rusty @ Intel
>Julie @ Intel
>Mika @ OSDL
>Johannes @ Nokia
>Pradeep @ Cisco

I did not attend the meeting. :(

>Ge @ Sun
>Steve @ MontaVista
>Ashish @ Timesys
>La Monte Yarrol AKA piggy @ Timesys
>Errata Process
>Grammatical Errors should be corrected
>* Errors like CCM 1.2  that are confusing should be corrected without
>changing spirit of requirements significantly.
>* we should not remove clauses of requirements, only modify them when
>they are unclear.
>* if we define terms such as immediatly or fast, we should be careful
>not to exclude any current POCs that could possibly meet the requirement
>* Process is POC sends errata to SPECS, SPECS approves or disapproves,
>once SPECS approves, send to techboard for signoff
>* Rationale must be provided for each correction.
>* developer notes seperate from errata but in same document.  Both are
>binding on requirements in terms of registration.
>* Three classes of errata, developer notes, narrowing requirements to
>minimize misinterpretations, and grammatical errors which dont change
>the requirement meaning
>* Take our time and only produce one errata document this year.
>Errata #1 IPv6 MIBs
>AR Venkata to provide updated requirement.
>current RFCs not obsolete, not obsolete for awhile, internet drafts
>updated but not accepted as proposed standards.  Current draft
>implementations should be considered as acceptable to meet the
>requirements of this requirement.
>Errata #2
>AR julie
>not errata with the specs, but with tracking list.
>Errata #3
>AR steve specify instead of immediately, some implementation specific
>timeout perioud.
>Errata #4
>AR steve errata as suggested in agenda.
>Errata #5
>AR steve to write changed requirement.
>Errata #6
>AR steve remove extra bullet.
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