[cgl_discussion] POC Cancelled

Fleischer, Julie N julie.n.fleischer at intel.com
Mon Nov 10 15:26:48 PST 2003

> Because of a team meeting in my company, I will be unable to host the
> 11/12/03 POC meeting.  I will publish the errata shortly, and that
> errata can be reviewed in the specs mailing list.

Steve -
Not sure if these can make it in without POC discussion, but, at this week's POC, I was going to bring up the items we mentioned briefly at the end of last POC for the errata list:

Per 11/4/03 email by Julie Fleischer:
>Found a minor bug on page 50. "For example, AVL.7.1 Process-level
>Non-intrusive...." should be changed to "For example, AVL.8.1
>Process-level..." The AVL.7.1 should be changed to AVL.8.1...

Per 11/4/03 email by Venkat Jagana:
>The SCTP requirement (STD 4.0) lists RFC 1112
>(Host extensions for IP multicasting)and we believe that
>it's a mistake - It isn't an SCTP supporting

>So, please remove RFC 1112 from the list there.

>The SCTP maintainer suggests that we should add
>RFC 3309 (SCTP Checksum Change) to the SCTP
>RFC list. This RFC is already supported within
>the code which is part of 2.6 kernel.

- Julie

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