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Zhao, Forrest forrest.zhao at intel.com
Mon Nov 24 18:28:46 PST 2003

I have some thoughts about data check point service, just share them with you.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of check-point services in terms of transparency.
The first kind of check-point service is transparent to user/application.  CHPOX is just such kind of service. The major advantage of this kind is: there is no need to modify the application programs, the check pointing is done transparent to apps. The disadvantage of this kind is: it must save the whole process running context, so this can lead to inefficiency caused by saving unrelated, redundant data.
The second kind of check-point service is not transparent to user/apps. 
The data check point service defined by SAF(www.saforum.org)/AIS is such kind. The advantage of this kind is: the user can choose what specific data to check point, so reduce the volume of data to be saved. But the major disadvantage is: the developers have to insert the check-pointing API to apps in order to get data check-pointing service, so this kind of check-point service is not transparent to user/apps.

So there is a tradeoff between two kinds of services. But I'm wondering if the carrier companies are willing to modify their product quality software in order to get check-pointing service?


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I thought this might be interesting to others in the CGL world.  I have 
never ran across the chpox project before, and I'm not sure if this style
of check-pointing is important to carrier environments, but it still looks


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I've recently run across CHPOX, Checkpointing for Linux 
(http://www.cluster.kiev.ua/tasks/chpx_eng.html). I was wondering if 
anyone else could illuminate me further about using this module with 
2.6.0? I'll probably try this myself later today, after I get test10 

Has any condieration been made for integrating checkpointing directly 
into the main kernel build? I'm thinking 2.7, not 2.6, of course.

Scott Robert Ladd
Coyote Gulch Productions (http://www.coyotegulch.com)
Software Invention for High-Performance Computing
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