[cgl_discussion] ANNOUNCE: OSDL Clusters (foundational components)

Eric.Chacron at alcatel.fr Eric.Chacron at alcatel.fr
Thu Nov 27 06:29:08 PST 2003


I understand your concern too, and personaly i would like to add
that i have a positive opinion on TIPC .

I think the technical clustering options have to be debated more in detail
before external announcement.


Jon Maloy <jon.maloy at ericsson.com>@lists.osdl.org on 11/27/2003 03:05:41 PM

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Subject:    Re: [cgl_discussion] ANNOUNCE: OSDL Clusters (foundational

Neither was it ever discussed why OSDL *must* go out with their own
version of TIPC, despite numerous invitations from Ericsson to cooperate
about the project.
We may now be in the unfortunate situation that we will have one OSDL-
version of TIPC, 95% based on the Ericsson version, occupying symbol space
in Linux kernel, and  which we, Ericsson, the originator of the concept and
code, can not use.  This apart from the fact that we seem to  have no
on the further development of the code, -all my suggestions for retaining a
minimum level of portability and usefulness for ourselves  have been
- And another version, very similar, still maintained by Ericsson, and
to be part of different distros by 2004.

Maybe it is time for OSDL to start considering cooperaton here, instead
of competing
with our own customers (and sponsors).

Regards /Jon

Eric.Chacron at alcatel.fr wrote:

>I read your announcement this morning and the comments from Lars , Steve
>and Jon.
>I have been involved in CGL clustering spec as you know.
>Let me just say two things:
>1) we have never made a common discussion (excepted your 30 minuts
>presentation in Portland )
> and decision on this new project to have these 3 services (TIPC,
>memebership end event)
>delivered as a new cluster infrastructure and i understand Lars point of
>Is the goal just to have an annoucement  to LKML from OSDL or is it to
>build a serious architecture
>answering CGL requirements ?
>2) technically speaking :
>It could make sense to have these services implemented in kernel mode and
>this is not the point for me.
>The point is to define why these 3 items and why not others.
>How an application may use these services to have HA ...
>I think we have not really discussed neither the features nor the
>How your AIS will plug on that ...
>John Cherry <cherry at osdl.org>@lists.osdl.org on 11/26/2003 10:07:47 PM
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>Subject:    [cgl_discussion] ANNOUNCE: OSDL Clusters (foundational
>       components)
>This announcement will go out to the linux-kernel mailing list on
>Monday.  This is an OSDL pre-announcement.
>OSDL is pleased to announce the kickoff of the foundational components
>defined in the OSDL Cluster Architecture.  The foundational components
>include a connectivity/communication service (TIPC), a membership
>service, and a publish/subscribe event service.
>The connectivity/communication service (TIPC) and the membership
>service will be Linux kernel modules.  The proof of concept for the
>event service will be initially implemented as a user space deamon.
>Both the membership service and the event service are being developed
>to conform to the SAF-AIS specification.  Early releases of these
>services will be a subset of the full SAF-AIS interface
>These foundational cluster projects will not produce a full cluster
>implementation.  The intent is to enable the Linux OS as a
>"clusterable kernel".  With these foundational services enabled,
>when a kernel boots on a system on a network, the system would
>become part of the cluster.  The cluster is defined by locality on
>the network.  Applications and other cluster services (checkpointing,
>resource managegers, etc.) would simply subscribe to membership events.
>Documents and project pages:
>  OSDL Cluster project page:
>    http://developer.osdl.org/dev/osdlclusters/
> OSDL Cluster Architecture:
>    http://developer.osdl.org/dev/osdlclusters/OSDL-cluster.html
> TIPC project page:
>    http://developer.osdl.org/dev/tipc/OSDL_tipc.html
> Membership service project page:
>    http://developer.osdl.org/daniel/cluster_membership/OSDL_mem.html
> Event service project page:
>    http://developer.osdl.org/markh/cluster_event/OSDL_ces.html
> SAF Application Interface Specification:
>    http://www.saforum.org/specification
>A single mailing list will be used for all of the projects
>(osdlcluster at osdl.org).  To sign up for the mailing list go to
>John Cherry
>Mika Kukkonen
>Daniel McNeil
>Mark Haverkamp
>Open Source Development Labs
>  www.osdl.org
>  developer.osdl.org
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