[cgl_discussion] Memory leak/corruption detection tools for Linux

Janne Karhunen Janne.Karhunen at ericsson.com
Thu Oct 2 01:21:42 PDT 2003

On Wednesday 01 October 2003 21:58, Howell, David P wrote:

> The issue is memory leak/corruption detection tools for
> malloc/new/new[]/free...
> What this customer was after is a tool that does the basic memory leak
> and
> memory corruption checks that can be compiled in or run on an existing
> binary
> that overloads the C/C++ memory allocation APIs. Has to work in a
> multi-thread
> environment.

Try valgrind:

Works from command line, and integrates pretty nicely to KDevelop 
3.0 (from A6 on). Final Kdevelop 3.0 will be released with KDE 3.2 
in December.

There's also a nice frontend for the cache-profiling and call tree
dumping part of valgrind:

Slows down the application quite a bit, but works really well - using
it in SLES 8 and SuSE 8.2 pro with BIG, heavily multithreaded apps.

// Janne

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