[cgl_discussion] Prelimenary Agenda for f2f

Steven Dake sdake at mvista.com
Wed Oct 15 09:39:52 PDT 2003


Here is the POC portion of the agenda developed this morning on the POC
conference call.

Johannes @ Nokia
Ge @ Sun
Venkat @ IBM
Chris Johnson @ Sun
Steve @ Montavista

Project Tracking
* discuss freezing/removing project
  if no progress in time period
* discuss determining activity of
  projects in project tracking matrix

Top 10 List
* Update as necessary
* Discuss changing name
* Add details for each item required to get to ratifcation
* Ratiy The top 10 list

2.7 Kernel List
* Update as necessary
* Add details for each feature required to get to ratification
* Ratify the 2.7 kernel list

DCL Info
* Follow DCL progress (Perhaps presentation from DCL?)

Future POC direction
* Open discussion on future objectives of POC

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